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The Importance of Dry Land Training

Diving in the 21st Century has developed to a new level of excellence. In order to win a high level competition, an athlete must perform high degree of difficulty dives with the highest quality. Consistency and precision are the indicators of high quality dives and for a diver to perform at this level, the answer […]

Trainer speaks of the ‘Phelps performance legacy’ for aquatic sports

Michael Phelps’ personal athletic trainer believes the American swimmer’s scintillating performances in the pool have helped to transform aquatics forever. Keenan Robinson has been credited with being part of the team that helped to mould Phelps into the greatest swimmer of all time Robinson, who has helped to oversee Phelps’ development at the North Baltimore […]

Results – 2012 Olympic Swim Predications

As a follow up to our previous post regarding the expected results of the 2012 Olympic swim competition, this post will present 1) the results of the prediction and 2) speculation as to why the results were what they were. Prior to 2008, the prediction model successfully predicted 87% of the mean top-eight performances for […]

May the Force Not Be With You

Swimmers not only compete against each other but against drag force. Fluid dynamics is the science of dealing with the pressure of fluid flow. In competitive swimming it’s the force that resists the motion of a body moving through the water. Thrust pushes the swimmer forward and drag is the resistance of the water to […]

London Olympics Shows Aquatics’ Global Appeal

Michael Phelps became the most successful Olympian of all time to cap a stunning opening few days of action in the pool at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The American won a record 19th Olympic medal as he helped the US team to gold in the 4x200m freestyle relay. “I just started to smile with […]