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Questionnaires that truly inform

The summer is rolling along, guests are flocking to your facility and you see the light at the end of a successful summer up ahead. You begin the process of evaluating your seasonal numbers, staff performance, and your personal feelings on your operational successes, but a critical stakeholder is missing: your customers. The age-old mantra […]

QC – An ongoing commitment to quality

The modern world in which we live changes rapidly. The processes of years past – the time-tested, proven processes which have been serving your organization for decades – may not be the best processes for the future. These same processes, however, can also be difficult to change. The best thing your organization can do to […]

Point-of-Sale Systems- Where Do I Begin?

Running a safe, customer-focused program is at the center of an Aquatic Operator’s job description, but what about the business-side of our jobs? Having the tools in place to retrieve financial information, analyze your return on investment for your killer marketing plan, and compare to previous summers’ results can be a game changer for your […]


With all the different types of piping options available on the market today, it can be difficult to know what type of pipe will appropriately suit your pool’s needs. Choosing swimming pool piping can be tricky because different applications require different types of pipe. Often times, swimming pool piping is chosen on a case by […]


The decision to outsource your organization’s aquatic operation is not one to be taken lightly. And, in the new climate of break-even cost recovery and sustainability being the expected norm for aquatics operations, you should know the three primary reasons that parks and recreation departments are exploring the possibility of outsourcing. Financial For some departments, […]