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High-Altitude Theming

The best way to immerse guests into a theme is to pay attention to all the details, large and small.

Gina Kellogg presents a case study in Resort and Recreation Magazine of Evergreen Wings & Waves Water Odyssey adjacent to Evergreen Museum in McMinnville, OR, welcomes guests to the aircraft-themed waterpark with a retired Boeing 747 sitting directly on top of the building. Guests queue up for two waterslide rides down to the belly of the building below.

Among attractions such as an indoor wave pool, leisure pool with spa, and a tot area with bubblers and fountains, there’s also a waterslide in a built-to-scale model of the Discovery Space Shuttle, another waterslide in a Messerschmitt WWII fighter aircraft, and a helicopter that dumps a large bucket of water on an imaginary Pacific Northwest wildfire. Did we mention the details, large and small?



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Sometimes Genius is a Few Steps From The Obvious

During the run up to the Final Four several weeks ago, one of the TV networks did a segment on Pat Summit, the coach of the woman’s basketball team at the University of Tennessee. She has the most wins among the coaches in woman’s basketball and her team finally lost in the semi-finals of the […]

MAHC Ventilation – CH Response

The CDC posted the Ventilation Model Aquatic Health Code Module for public comment on April 13, 2011.  The Counsilman – Hunsaker team posted a group response in support of the public comment requirements.  This response can be viewed at the below link. Counsilman – Hunsaker Response

The Abiltiy To Adjust Requires Leadership

Last Saturday I had the privilege of visiting a friend who operates a shop that repairs and restores old slot machines. In twenty minutes, he showed me through his inventory of these vintage gambling devices which were interesting to look at as well as hearing their stories.  The oldest slot machine in his collection was […]

Art of the Deal

Donald Trump wrote a book called Art of the Deal, which underscores my belief that there is more art in our work than science. “Art” is somewhat synonymous with years of experience, i.e. past experience which has influenced the response by CHA to two similar, but different, recent situations.