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National Swimming Pool Foundation Grants

The NSPF mission statement is: To enhance healthy living by increasing aquatic activity through education and research.  In support of this mission, the board has awarded four grants totaling $180,995. One health benefit grant was awarded to Utah State University and three injury prevention grants were awarded to University of Arizona, Purdue University, and the University North Carolina-Charlotte (UNCC). These grants will sustain ongoing research supported by NSPF in recent years and embark on new research.  The board maintains its’ commitment to encourage increased aquatic activity through funding evidence-based research. “We refuse to allow the economy to deter us from promoting aquatics,” remarked Bill Kent, retiring Chairman of the NSPF Grant Review Committee.  “The science eliminates the bad things and discovers the good things that show how getting in water benefits humankind,” he added.


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Children’s Aquatic Wellness

An aquatic therapy center for children with rehabilitation needs and developmental disorders must be designed with a balance of inspiration, innovation, and accommodation, where aesthetics and function merge.  Athletic Business’s November issue features an article describing keys to success on designing an aquatic therapy center for children. Interactive Water The size of the pool should […]

Kentucky Pool Regulations – CH Response

Scot Hunsaker with Counsilman – Hunsaker responded with comments to the Kentucky Department for Public Health regarding changes to the pool regulation.  A copy of these comments is listed below: November 9, 2011 Ms. Kathy Fowler Interim Director Division of Public Health Protection and Safety Kentucky Department for Public Health 275 E Main St, HS1CB […]

Kentucky Pool Regulations

The Kentucky Department for Public Health is currently working to revise the swimming pool and bathing facility regulation, 902 KAR 10:120. The current regulation has not been updated in many years and is under consideration for revision.  The Division of Public Health Protection and Safety have met several times and drafted proposed changes.  At this […]

Addicted to Subsidies

Nationwide we continue to hear the latest news: Public facilities closed due to city, county and state financial challenges! Public aquatic facilities have to maximize revenue opportunities and minimize costs, which require a committed and serious approach to rate structure, programming, marketing, and operational efficiency. Here are some ideas that are presented in the October […]