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Kentucky Pool Regulations – CH Response

Scot Hunsaker with Counsilman – Hunsaker responded with comments to the Kentucky Department for Public Health regarding changes to the pool regulation.  A copy of these comments is listed below:

November 9, 2011

Ms. Kathy Fowler

Interim Director

Division of Public Health Protection and Safety

Kentucky Department for Public Health

275 E Main St, HS1CB

Frankfort, KY 40621

Re: Proposed Changes to Kentucky Pool Regulations

Ms. Fowler,

We appreciate the invitation to review and provide input on the proposed changes to the existing Kentucky Pool Regulations.

Since aquatics is all Counsilman-Hunsaker does, we have had the good fortune to work on close to 1000 projects over the 40 years our firm has been in business, including dozens of commercial pools in the State of Kentucky.  We have licensed engineers in all 50 states in the U.S. and we have several projects abroad as well.  That affords us the opportunity to work in many different jurisdictions and under many different codes and regulations.  Because of this experience, our expertise is often sought in helping to author new codes.  Counsilman-Hunsaker currently takes a leadership role in industry organizations such as the NSPF and the development of regulatory standards such the Model Aquatic Health Code which is sponsored by the CDC and will be released nationally in the coming months.

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