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The 12th Annual WAHC, I can’t wait!

As the National Swimming Pool Foundation begins to celebrate its 50th year anniversary, it is busy preparing for the 12th annual World Aquatic Health™ Conference (WAHC). Everything that the Foundation does, helps people live healthier lives. Since its inception, the WAHC has established itself as the preeminent scientific conference for the aquatic industry. There are many things that give me life changing experiences at this annual event. From the inspirational keynote speakers to those individuals that have dedicated their lives to helping others. One of this year’s keynote speakers is Rowdy Gaines, a three time Olympic gold medalist. I can’t wait to hear Rowdy speak. Every time I have attended, the conference has delivered. Sometimes it is hard to choose which session to attend, with so many excellent seminars. As I always tell my colleagues, this is a must attend event if you want to stay on the cutting edge of the aquatic world.

Timely and accurate information is a requirement to make knowledgeable decisions that protect lives and enhance aquatic experiences, which results in more users.  This information is available to owners, operators, manufacturers, and environmental health officials at the 2015 WAHC on October 7th – 9th in Scottsdale Arizona.  The latest in aquatic research will be shared with attendees so you can be prepared for the future.  The 2015 Conference for the Model Aquatic Health Code will also be held in conjunction with the WAHC where recommendations for code improvement will be discussed and voted on.  I encourage you to attend and become one of the most knowledgeable in the aquatic industry.

Networking is key to the success. The WAHC allows for the opportunity to meet and connect industry leaders, scientists, policy makers, and so many more. Bring a stack of business cards with you. Registration for the conference opens at See you there and together, let’s shape the future through aquatics!

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In Memory of Tom Abel

Tom Abel passed away over the weekend.  Tom had a long relationship with the swimming community and Counsilman – Hunsaker. In 1997, he and his father, Ed were a part of a committee that was looking to help Columbia Falls, Montana build a new aquatic center.  Not long after the completion of this study, Tom joined […]

Short and Long Span Pool Structures

An indoor aquatic center is a building consisting of two or more rooms.  One room is the natatorium, which contains one or more pools.  Indoor short span natatoria house short course pools and have a narrow width, around 100 feet.   Such a space can accommodate all types of pools as long as their widths are […]

CannonDesign – Cost Trends

As most of us know in the recreation design industry, CannonDesign is a multidisciplinary international design firm.  Cannon’s December newsletter focuses on economic trends impacting design and construction.  It reviews unemployment rates, Non-residential Construction, GDP, futures, and construction cost values.  For those interested in a crystal ball look into 2013, I encourage you to take […]

Bench Strength

Counsilman – Hunsaker continues to expand its ownership structure to support the future of the aquatic industry.  Since our beginning in 1970, the Counsilman – Hunsaker team has combined the art of innovation and the science of swimming to create the best aquatics centers in the world.  To build on this strong foundation, in the […]