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What type of training do you recommend for head guards and managers?

It’s summer time, and you know what that means…training, training, training!  As a former aquatics manager myself, I often focused primarily on training lifeguards and guest services team members, assuming the head lifeguards, pool managers and supervisors that I had put in place had “already arrived” and were ready to go.  Shortly into one summer, unfortunately, I found out that was not the case.  After spending a good part of my summer days answering questions from supervisors about things that I thought they should know, I had an idea.  I decided to write down every question that was asked of me by my seasonal supervisors for an entire summer.  That’s right, I wrote down every question for an entire summer.  I then spent the off-season developing a plan to ensure they knew the answers to all of those questions.  I started small, developing a “Management Team Manual” that outlined my expectations in regards to performance, behaviors, policies and procedures.  What I thought was a small task turned into a 90 page manual that was a great starting point to giving my supervisors the knowledge they needed to effectively run a safe, clean, friendly and fun aquatic center.   But, I didn’t stop there.  I then developed, not only a 2 hour presentation to review the manual and how to implement the items in it, I also planned an entire weekend of training, teambuilding and excitement for my management team.  We bunkered down for 6 hours on Friday evening, 6 hours on Saturday afternoon and another 6 hours on Sunday afternoon to discuss big picture topics of leadership, risk management & safety, training, teambuilding, communication and FUN!  While the weekend was quite exhausting, I found that I had my best summers after its implementation.    

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What is your refund policy for inclement weather?

Weather policies at outdoor aquatic facilities are a critical component of both your safety protocol and your guest service protocol. When developing a weather policy you want to ensure that you keep the guest’s safety as the key priority, but balance that with service, as well. There’s a way to keep your guests safe and […]

What types of methods are available for project delivery?

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How many lifeguards do I need?

“How many lifeguards do we need?” is a popular question. Depending on who you speak with, operators, administrators, head lifeguards, or the public, you’ll likely get many different responses.  Administrators will want staff costs to be as low as possible, while operators are concerned with mitigating risk and ensuring there is enough staff to make […]